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For 47 years, Abbey Community Centre has provided a community hub where people of all ages and diverse backgrounds can come together and form support networks.  Our projects, activities and services are designed to improve the lives of local people experiencing social isolation, mental and physical ill-health and financial deprivation. The costs of these projects are not covered by our core Council grant, so our staff team fundraises in order to keep them free or very low cost. Below is just some evidence of our impact, taken from our most recent annual centre-wide monitoring survey and other data capture. You can also click here to read our 2023 Impact Report. To support this work, click here.

CHAPS member Antonion

Our reach

  • 1100 visits to the centre per week on average
  • 459 active members of our Community Activities Programme
  • 255 new members joined over the year
  • 372 children and their families supported by the Children's Services team
  • 115 active members of our Kilburn Good Neighbours befriending scheme
  • 45 different activities provided over the year
  • 996 sessions of activities run over the year
Three Community Lunch volunteers laughing in the kitchen

Combating loneliness and social isolation

  • 91% of CAP members said that Abbey's Community Activities Programme helps them connect to other local people
  • 89% said they have made new friends
  • 71% said that Abbey helps protect them from feeling lonely
  • 58% said Abbey has connected them to other organisations for help and support
  • 41 befriending 'matches' - over 65s receiving regular home visits from volunteers

Improving physical & mental health outcomes

  • 80% of CAP members agreed that Abbey helps make their life happier
  • 72% of CAP members agreed that Abbey helps improve their confidence
  • 75% of CAP members agreed that Abbey helps encourage them to be physically active
  • 72% of CAP members agreed that Abbey helps improve their physical health
  • 482 hours of free or low-cost exercise class provision last year
  • 1610 free healthy meals served at cooking classes and community lunch
Seated exercise class

Unemployment, food poverty and financial deprivation

  • 11500 hot drinks served per year at our 'Warm Welcome' space
  • 637 food parcels made up and distributed to those most in need
  • 82% members agreed that Abbey inspires them to learn new skills
  • 245 attendances of Debt Advice appointments, ESOL & Camden Job Hub
  • 25 regular activities are free to attend
  • 231 volunteering enquiries received and followed up on over one year
  • 100 volunteers supporting our Community Activities Programme
A mum and baby

'I can cook this myself now that I have been shown how to do it. How about that, new skills at 83 years old. I was never a good cook. Thank you, for the chance to meet new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy life again. Can't wait for the next class.'

"I was very emotional receiving your Christmas card today! I had a very hard week, and it was like receiving a message of love, of support, of community; thank you... for making me feel loved and making me feel I belong! You are extraordinary people, kind, strong, dynamic, who change lives."

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