Our aims

more happens together

The Abbey Community Centre (ACC) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee managed by a voluntary board of trustees. Established in 1976, it is a successful, vibrant community facility and resource, providing a safe and welcoming meeting place. The centre exists to improve the quality of life for local people by offering excellent services which provide a range of educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities. In addition, it provides informal advice to users on a wide range of matters and signposts them to the appropriate point for further advice. It is a place where people from a wide range of backgrounds come to socialise, learn and enjoy themselves. We work in consultation and partnership with the local community and statutory and voluntary agencies to develop our programme and responding to emerging need and new initiatives.

Organisational objectives

1. Improve the quality of life for the local community.
2. Provide an accessible, welcoming venue and focal point for the community. A place for people to meet and socialise and a space for local organisations.
3. Provide a range of low or no cost educational, recreational, social and cultural activities that are accessible to local people in response to local need.
4. Provide a local facility and resource which promotes and encourages learning, development and a stronger community.
5. Promote and advocate the needs of groups based in the centre and provide opportunities for more integration and inclusion between users.
6. Act as an informal information point on activities and services.
7. To maintain strategic relevance with partnerships, local authority and funding bodies.