Community Time Camden


 Meet other over 50′s living in Camden by becoming part of our close CTC community. As a member of Community Time Camden, called CTC for short, you come as you are. Each on of you is like a gift to the group, and we find that the personalities, interests and skills of our community are as varied as Camden itself. 

In an age when social ties have weakened because of the demands of modern life, CTC over 50s group satisfies a thirst for connections and provides neighbourly support. You will get to know each other well, and as members you can ‘dip’ in and out of our ‘skills and time exchange’, by doing a neighbourly turn.

To help you decide what you can offer to the community, our CTC Project Coordinator will spend time talking with you and point out that the things you may take for granted – such as having a sunny disposition, offering a listening ear, enjoying a good chat or even volunteering a skill is something that would be appreciated.

img-20170623-wa0008_35688844465_oCTCer Norman contributed his bridge skills to set up a bridge club for us, which he runs every Friday from 1.30pm.

Every hour of help you provide or receive will be of equal value, and as exchange participants you will be able to ‘store’ hours to ‘spend’ at a later date or straight away, depending on your needs. The more participants taking part, the larger our pool of skills and experience and the more people will be able to share. The exchange project is flexible and allows you to ask for assistance – even when you are not in ‘credit’. We know that you will  be more happy to give your time in the spirit of community when someone else is in need.

If you would like to be part of our vibrant  CTC community and contribute to the life of our ‘exchange’ then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us by visiting our contact page or feel free to spread the word to others.

Our members tell us that being part of CTC helps them to keep active, retain and expand their skills, make use of their life experience and receive help when they need it. In an age when friends and family are not always available CTC is a great way to feel an active part of a community who cares. There is nothing to lose by joining up and everything to gain. Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.. Your presence in our community will be worth its weight in gold!

To join is free and there are no costs to participating. To find out more call Laura 0203 397 4583 or 07447 932 564


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