Foods of the World

20180203_115249_41126574445_oFrom fajita wraps to fried plantain, Moroccan stew to Spanish tortilla, we love to cook up a storm at Abbey Community Centre. We are therefore delighted to have received funding from Team London for a new Foods of the World project, providing multicultural cooking and sharing projects for people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. The main aim is for local older and elderly people, families, and younger people from different cultures, backgrounds and identities to get to know each other, build enduring social connections and friendships with each other. And what better way to meet this aim that by bringing people together over what we do best – food!

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Over the next few months from December 2018 onwards, we’ll be running regular Foods of the World sessions in the Abbey kitchen, working together to create food dishes from the cultures of different members of the group. A great way to meet new people, play a part in creating a delicious meal for us to share, learn new cooking skills and techniques and take some recipes home with you. What’s not to love?

There are also opportunities to undergo volunteer training and at the end of the project we will be putting on a celebration event to invite the wider community to share in an array of delicious foods with us. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact us on or 020 7624 8378.

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