South Sudan Women’s Skills Development



SSWSD is a registered organisation provides support for South Sudanese women, their families and all women targeting those from the BME backgrounds; we provide activities tailored to meet the social and educational needs of our beneficiaries/ members, to actively participate and integrate in the society to achieve their aspirations.

Staff and Management

  • The organisation is managed by 9 members of the committee.
  • The organisation have one paid staff and many sessional/temporary for different projects.
  • Various team of dedicated volunteers.


South Sudan Women’s Skills Development
Abbey Community Centre
222c Beslsize Raod
London NW6 4DJ
Main Telephone: 020 7372 0944


We are very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in volunteering for our organisation. Please email to discuss available opportunities.

About the organization

South Sudan Women’s Skills Development (SSWSD) (formerly the Sudan Women’s Association) was established in 1991 by Sudanese women who took refuge in the UK; it registered as a charity in 1996. It was formed to support and provide services to the Sudanese community in London.

“The organisation changed its name following the birth of the South Sudanese Nation on 9th July 2011 reflecting the origins of the majority of its members”.

Over the course of the last two decades the organisation has extended its services to meet the needs and demands of its members; members now come from both a refugee and a settler community. With our community’s maturation has come the need to promote increased integration and community cohesion. We seek to increase our openness, engagement and inclusion with white indigenous community, people from other refugee backgrounds and other Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups living in the Camden area.

The organisation receives its core funding from the London Borough of Camden (LBC), has one permanent part-time member of staff and employs temporary and sessional workers as required for its projects. Like any other small organisations, SSWSD is heavily reliant on the dedication of a team of volunteers.

Our organisation’s Core values

  • SSWSD is dedicated to the cause of combating poverty, isolation, social exclusion among refugees, asylum seekers and other citizens.
  • We promote recreation and leisure activities in the interest of social welfare and in order to protect our member’s health and improve the quality of their lives.
  • We are instrumental in helping our members integrate into the wider society through our range of services and projects while preserving their culture.
  • Our environment is a family friendly and community oriented; we endeavour to maintain a very special supportive ethos, to engage dynamically with cultural sensitivities.
  • SSWSD provides a safe and supportive space where women can help each other as well as learn together to empower themselves.

Research and Reports 

  • Social Return on Investment.
  • Identity & Belonging among first & second generation of South Sudanese in London.
  • The Barriers to Accessing Employment for South Sudanese Women in London.
  • Annual Reports.
  • Celebrating Diversity pilot project.

Events & Celebrations 

  • Black History Celebration.
  • Refugee Week.
  • International women’s day.