Henna Asian Women’s Group


Henna is a stand alone independent charity based within the Abbey Community Centre. Henna Asian Women’s Group was formed in 1982 by South Asian women, with the intention of bringing all women together regardless of their different backgrounds. Henna has been able to build on this concept by offering services which help towards integrating women, and allowing them to build relationships, and stronger links within their local community. Henna Asian Women’s Group is a user-led organisation who aims to improve the overall well-being of women by increasing social interaction; improving health; and develop, maintain more independence to overcome deprivation and isolation. Our members are from diverse ethnic backgrounds which include South Asian, White British, African, Afro-Caribbean, Irish, Middle Eastern, Far East Asian and South American.

We offer a range of services empowering a range of different women, who may otherwise be socially isolated. They are given the opportunity to communicate with individuals with whom they may share certain customs, values and attributes alongside making friends with individual’s who they have never been able to mix with helping towards changing mindsets and developing social links within their local communities and assisting towards community cohesion.

Henna’s mission statement is “To improve the quality of Asian women’s lives by reducing isolation, encouraging active participation and providing support”.

For more information and membership enquiries please check out our website. http://www.henna.org.uk/